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"Bump It Up" Strategy

As you know, we are continually addressing the Literacy and Numeracy needs of students at Gymea North Public School in order to enhance learning outcomes for all students. Over the next three years we will implement a “Bump It Up” Plan to monitor and improve student achievement and outcomes, specifically in Reading and Numeracy. We want to strengthen existing practice and ensure that literacy and numeracy skills are described clearly, taught explicitly, assessed meaningfully and reported on regularly.

Many students at Gymea North Public School perform well but have the capacity to improve further in these areas. By 2019 we aim to increase the number of students in the top two bands in NAPLAN by 8%. As such, we will ensure that students formulate realistic, achievable goals for their learning and monitor their progress in a systematic manner to measure improvement and growth.

We ask that parents support this initiative by talking with their children about their goals for Reading and Mathematics. Regular ‘checking in’ and conversations about what students are learning and aiming to achieve at school will help children remain focused and motivated. We aim to work in partnership with parents to support students to achieve their very best.

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