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Number Crunchers

On Monday 15th August, Cameron and Doran competed against students from 30 other schools at Lilli Pilli Public School in the first semi-final of Number Crunchers. Number Crunchers is run like a Spelling Bee but with mathematical questions. The focus is on mental computation. Competitors are given a question and they have 10 seconds to answer. If successful they progress to the next round. To give you some idea of the complexity of the questions, later rounds could include questions such as 5 cubed plus 10 and 7050+1750+35.

Both boys can be very proud of their efforts. Doran went out in Round 3 with a question similar to “It is now 7.55am. What time will it be in 3 hours and 19 minutes?”, whilst Cameron survived that round only to fall short in Round 7 with “15 squared minus 2 squared”. Remember, this was all mental and with a 10 second time limit.

Whilst they did not progress to the Grand Final, both boys can be extremely proud of their performance.​

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