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Back to School

We hope everyone has enjoyed (and is still enjoying!) their holidays. With just a week now until students in years 1 - 6 return here are some tips to ensure the smooth transition from holidays in to the busy school term:

1. Be ready to wake up and get to school on time! The transition from holiday wake-ups to school wake-ups is a tough one (for teachers too!). Gradually start getting out of bed earlier to make sure you are ready to go Day 1.

2. Start eating at specific times. Younger children particularly needs to be accustomed to eating at designated times. Studies show that when a student is hungry, their ability to learn is compromised.

3. Start a calendar. Print off and hang a large calendar in a central area. This will get students ready for what is ahead. Include extracurricular activities so everyone is aware of how busy they actually are!

4. Pack the pencil case. Are your pencils sharpened? Do your pens still work? Are all the essential items in there and ready to go?

5. This one is for parents - Set the household chores list! Giving children ownership of a task is a great way to nurture responsibility.

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